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The Hammer Is The Main Hit Tool
May 10, 2017

Hammer hammer is generally made of carbon steel, 40 # steel is more common. I internship also used 40 # steel hammer. If there are special requirements such as high hardness requirements can be used harder steel or special steel, in general, Hammer taking into account the cost of ordinary carbon steel plus appropriate heat treatment is sufficient.

Is a tool that hits objects to move or deform. The most commonly used to knock nails, correct or knock on the object. Hammers have a wide variety of forms, the common form is the handle handle and the top. The top side is flat to percussion, the other side is the hammer. The shape of the hammer can be like a horn, or it can be a wedge, its function is to pull out the nail. There is also a rounded hammer.

The use of tools personnel must be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use, storage and maintenance and Hammer maintenance of the tool. A variety of construction tools must be a formal manufacturer of qualified products. Work must be checked before the tool is strictly prohibited, the use of corrosion, deformation, loose, faulty, damaged and other unqualified tools.

Hammer is the main hit tool, composed of hammer and hammer handle, hammer in accordance with the function is divided into rust, nipple hammer, machinery, claw hammer, test hammer, flat tail test hammer, octagonal hammer, German octagonal hammer hammer···

The weight of the hammer should be compatible with the workpiece, material and role, too heavy and too light will be unsafe. From the following formula can analyze the impact of energy and hit speed

W = 1 / 2mv * v

Where W - hit the energy on the workpiece;

M - the quality of the hammer itself;

V - give the hammer when the hammer hit the speed.

When the weight of the hammer is doubled, the energy is increased by one time and the speed is increased by one time. So, for safety, the use of hammers, you must correctly use the hammer and grasp the speed of the hit.

When using the hand hammer, pay attention to the hammer and hammer handle connection must be strong, slightly loose should Hammer immediately wedge fastening or re-replace the hammer handle, the hammer handle length must be moderate, experience to provide a more appropriate length is the hammer Head and forearm length equal to the length of the hand hammer; in the need for smaller impact force can be used hand method, in the need for a strong hit force, it is appropriate to use the arm stroke method; The hammer of the movement of the arc, hand hammer should not be contaminated with grease.

Use the sledgehammer should pay attention to the following points:

(1) hammer and handle connection must be strong, all hammer and hammer handle loose, hammer handle splitting and crack can not be used. Hammer and hammer handle in the installation of the wedge wedge to the metal wedge as well, the length of the wedge should not be greater than the installation hole depth of 2/3.

(2) In order to have a certain degree of flexibility in the hit, the handle of the middle of the top of the place than the end slightly narrow.

(3) the use of sledgehammer, we must pay attention to before and after, around, up and down, in the sledgehammer range is Hammer strictly prohibited station, not allowed to use hammer and hammer fight each other.

(4) hammer is not allowed to quench, not allowed to have cracks and burrs, found that flash spines should be timely dressing.

Claw hammer can be percussion, hammer, but also from the pull nails, but the larger parts of the hammer should not use claw hammer. Nail, the hammer should be flat nail cap, so that the nail into the wood vertical, from the pull nails, it should be in the claw at the mat on the block, to enhance the pull force, should not be used when the claw hammer pry, should pay attention to hammering The surface of the flat and intact, to prevent nails flying or hammer slip off wounding.

Hammer type

(1) wooden handle round hammer

(2) British fiber handle round hammer

(3) American fiber handle round hammer

(4) bleach handle American round hammer

(5) claw hammer

(6) steel pipe handle claw hammer

(7) American fiber handle claw hammer

(8) British cones claw hammer

(9) fitter hammer

(10) German fitter hammer

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