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The Axe Is A Logging Tool
Aug 31, 2017

The origin of the axe is very early, the original human, that is known as the stone to pick up the wedge. And the earliest bronze axe, see Shang Dynasty, not only used in the martial matter, Axe and some carved inlay, extremely exquisite, has been used for guard. Zhou Alternate axe is not as good as Shang Dynasty, to the dual-frontal sword, and knife and then, the axe is used less people, only as a winding tool, Axe or for music and dance guard and kill the device. Although the axe is not used as the main weapon, but each generation has made the axe, Axe especially in the northern region of the nation, Xi practice ax-like weapons.

Axe is the first tool used by mankind. Far away from the old age, man found the archetype of the axe from the stone of Nature's front. "Slash and Burn" at that time is an advanced form of civilization, in fact, Axe at that time there is no knife, axe, is all with the blade of the sum of objects ...

In the long evolution of the axe, experienced from tools to artifacts, from artifacts to weapons, weapons to tools, and then into a series of jewelry process ... Axe is not only the symbol of kingship and violence, but also the most important props against violence on the historical stage.

An axe is a weapon or a logging tool. is composed of a stick knob and a trapezoidal blade. As a kind of ancient weapons, but also in the ancient era of production tools, in the fighting, hunting, Axe axe has a strong close range combat effectiveness. is to give people a strong sense of the attack weapons, depending on the situation can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there was a heavy tomahawk, Axe skilled tomahawk operation methods of the elite army, even the armed forces of the sword to defeat them. Some fortifications and bayonets can be used as axes.

An axe is a tool for cutting. The axe is operated using the principle of leverage and the change in the amount of momentum equal to the kinetic. Divided into two parts: axe and axe handle. Axe An axe is made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). The axe handle is usually woody (also metal). The shape of the blade is usually curved (sometimes straight) or flat.

Axe category

1, the axe (Tomahawk) can be used to throw targets.

2, Battle Axe (Battle axe) long handle, specially used to fight axe.

3. Short Axe (hatchet)

The main use of the axe

Splitting, chopping, chopping, wiping, smashing, hugging, cutting, and so on, Axe dancing appear rugged, heroic, can show split open Ridge Majestic Majestic.

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