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The Ax Is One Of The Production Tools Of Ancient Times
Oct 30, 2017

An ax is a weapon or a logging tool. Is composed of a stick handle followed by a trapezoidal blade. For the ancient weapons of a kind, but also in ancient times one of the production tools, in the fighting, hunting, the ax has a strong close combat effectiveness. Is to give a strong sense of brutal combat weapons, according to the different conditions can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, Axe if there is a gear equipped with heavy warfare, skilled war ax operation method of the elite army, even the equipment of the sword also lost to them. There are some work shovels, bayonets can be used when the ax head.

Ax is a very useful utility. According to the use of different methods, ax and ax or something different, where the ax in the back of a hook or ax on the gun who is the bar, that is, According to "six Tao" records, Zhou Wu Wang Jun in a large handle ax, blade width of eight inches, heavy eight pounds, handle more than five feet long, fine-sounding name "days Yue". Ax in ancient times is not only used for combat weapons, Axe but also a symbol of military power and national domination. Ax dancing up, beautiful posture, rugged style, bold, can show the mysterious majestic mountains open ridge. The main use of the ax are: split, cut, chop, wipe, hit, hug, cut and so on. Ax use principle: ax is the use of leverage and impulse is equal to the amount of momentum to change the principle of operation. With a thorn, with a hook of the thigh is more thorns, hook two methods, because the ax and the yong exercise more cumbersome, Axe coupled with many traditional routines have been lost on the verge of loss, so now martial arts has been rare.

The ax appeared in the late Neolithic period. As early as nearly ten thousand years ago in the late Paleolithic period, to the Neolithic Age, the ancients had discovered and started using jade. Including the practical jade ax, jade shovel, jade knife, Yu Ge and other production tools and weapons, Axe as well as ornaments for the Yuhuan, jade bracelets, Yuhuang, jade ornaments, and so on. Yu ax is a flat ladder, the top of the hole, can be tied handle handle, the bottom edge, if the blade is wide, then called Yue. In the prehistoric period, the ax was used as a practical killer weapon, made of jade, and evolved into the royal symbol of the clan chiefs or tribal chiefs. Axe Neolithic jade is mainly made of porcelain and jade. Although this period of jade more flakes, but very flat plane grinding very little, where the plane, the central are slightly uplift, the edge of thin or slope.

The ax is made up of the blade and the handle, Axe the blade is long, the ridge is thick and thin, suitable for hacking. Guns in ancient times known as spear, for the thorn weapons, lethality is great, its long and sharp, the use of flexible, to win the law, fine unique, other weapons difficult and rival. It is called "the king of soldiers." Jian Jian is the ancestor of short soldiers, near the stroke of the device, with sharp edge of the tip of the long weapons, and its length, depending on the human body as a standard, is subject to the amount of people may be.

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