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The Ax Is One Of The Production Tools In Ancient Times
Oct 09, 2017

An ax is a tool for cutting, made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Axes are usually used to cut down trees, can also be used as a woodworking tool, cut some thick parts.

An ax is a weapon or a logging tool. Is composed of a stick handle followed by a trapezoidal blade. For the ancient weapons of a kind, but also in ancient times one of the production tools, in the fighting, hunting, ax has a strong close combat effectiveness. Is to give a strong sense of brutal combat weapons, according to the different conditions can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there is an equipment equipped with heavy ax, Axe skilled Shih Mah method of operation of the elite army, even the sword of the army also lost to them. There are some work shovels, bayonets can be used as an ax.

The ax has two kinds of copper and iron. The ax side of a blade, Axe blade width of eight inches or so, tail thick and narrow, and with a prominent downward bend of the sharp corners. Handle long Zhang Yu Big ax for the battle of the soldiers, but also for the cavalry for the siege or avant-garde use.

Fishtail ax: ax shaped like a fish The main use of a split, cut, chop, hug, wipe, thorn, cloud, film, hook, hanging and so on.

Xuanhua ax: ax side of the side is particularly large, Axe the ax of the thorns than the general long. Its usage and ax with the same.

Short ax: the main type and role of the ax, the specific reference can be made to the ax. There are a variety of double ax, both in the military equipment for further introduction. Shaolin board ax two feet eight inches, ax long one foot two inches, blade width nine inches.

Crested ax: ax long eight inches, blade width five inches. Tail thick blade thin. Handle long two feet five inches. Is a shorter ax.

Emei ax: long nine-inch, blade wide for the five-inch, Axe handle long three feet, rough about surplus, commonly used in melee or tunnel excavation used.

Shuang ax: modern ax as one of the martial arts equipment, because the exercise is relatively cumbersome, and some routines have been lost, so the use of ax who has been rare. Practice ax, the requirements of throughput ups and downs, rough and bold style, dancing up, beautiful gesture, is a good exercise of martial arts equipment.

An ax: a short ax. Ax wide five-inch, double-sided blade, neck length eight inches, Axe tail thick blade thin. Handle three feet long, can be used as weapons. Generally for the ax and use, less single use. Powerful to use.

Double ax: a double short weapon. Ax was fan-shaped, handle length two feet five inches to three feet. With the right and left hand holding an ax. Its use has lun, split, cut, bar, by, clouds, tease, hanging, cutting, sweeping and so on.

Divided into two parts: ax and ax handle. The ax is made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Ax handle is generally wood (also metal). Axe The shape of the blade is generally curved (sometimes linear) or flat.

Ax contains natural copper, lead, iron, tin, gold and other metal, tough texture, work well. But because ax ax body bulky, lethal far better than Ge, knives, spears, so gradually out of the battlefield, Axe as a kind of ceremony weapons.

With the ax can be split, cut, chop, wiping, smashing, hug, cut, etc., dancing up it is rough, ho strong, can show the mysterious majestic mountains open ridge.

In the field to use the ax to withstand the use of destructive, and a variety of harsh environment test. Ax selection of the following points,

First: the blade can not be too thin and too narrow because too thin and too narrow to easily break or bend.

Second: the knife handle should be the extension of the blade, Axe the blade through the handle of a pass in the end, that is, blade, knife handle, tail should be one, so that you are forced to pry things and struggling to cut when it is not easy blade and Knife handle.

Third: the knife is not too short and too light. Too short in many places is not easy to use, too light in your chop when you can not use the power, dry work too hard, Axe but do not be too heavy or you simply Can not move.

The first half of the knife should be a blunt edge, the blunt edge can be used to crush the animal's bones and remove the fiber from the plant. (You can also easily knock off your own fingers If there is a hook on the back of the knife to cut off the rope that is no better.

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