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The Ax Is A Tool For Cutting
May 10, 2017

An ax is a tool for cutting, made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Axes are usually used to cut down trees, can also be used as woodworking tools, cut some coarse parts.

Axe With the ax can be split, cut, chop, wiping, smashing, hug, cut, etc., dancing up look rugged, ho strong, can show the mysterious majestic mountain open ridge.

The basic usage of the ax:

Ax is used to break wood and wood products faster. As the game progresses, the ax is less important than the ho, because it is not necessary to collect the items, although it is suitable for destroying the bookshelves, but it is not necessary. And the ax can destroy most of the items can also be quickly destroyed by the hand. However, the majority of the players spend the game when the amount of wood is quite large, so the long term, with the ax logging and decoration will be very time-saving.

The ax will be used as a weapon, and the durability will be twice as much. In addition to the production of resources to Axe spend more than the sword even more. So, unless forced, or try not to use the ax as a weapon.

The type of ax, as well as history and usage

Type: one hand ax, hands ax. The And so on (including the history of the West, such as dwarves, orcs with the big guy, a war on the arms of a war ax and the Chinese criminal patent weapons, Yu Huang five ax and so on the more detailed on the line such as: split, cut, chop , Wiping, smashing, special ax soldiers dancing adjectives

An ax is a weapon or a logging tool. Is composed of a stick handle followed by a trapezoidal blade. For the ancient weapons of a kind, but also in ancient times one of the production tools, in the fighting, hunting, ax has a strong close combat effectiveness. Is to give a strong sense of brutal combat weapons, according to the different conditions can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there is an equipment equipped with heavy ax, skilled Shih Mah method of operation of the elite army, even the equipment of the sword also lost to them. There are some work shovels, bayonets can be used as an ax.

Ax history

And Ge spear at the same time, also one of the ancient battle. The Yellow Emperor when there is the name of the ax, at the time not only for the weapons, and with the penalty for the use of "Criminal script release name" contains: "Yellow Emperor five sentences, four said ax. According to the five sentences that armor, knife saw, drilling, ax, whip flutter, is also". So the push of the ax when the beginning of the Yellow Emperor also, the reason is very clear; "But then there is no so-called thirty-six law, the enemy, but chaos chaos split and had; when Han, Such as the creation of the marksmanship in the martial arts and inflow into the Central Plains, but who was the founder who is not allowed to carry on. The beginning of the law Axe there are no thirty-six hands, after the martial arts, and thus gain, so that change the unexpected, as the weapon of war, so now there are thirty-six cross-board method also.

Ax traceability is very early, primitive human, that is, knowing the stone for the split. The earliest bronze ax, seen in the Shang Dynasty, not only for the military, and some carved embedded Lou, very fine, has been used for the battle. Zhou Dynasty with the ax as the Shang Dynasty, to the double front sword out, and the knife and use, the ax even less people use, only as cut down the tool, or for the music and dance and beheaded device. Although the ax is not used as a major weapon, but the generations have to make the ax, especially in the northern region of the nation, hi ax ax weapons.

The history of stone ax can be traced back to hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time people with grinding rough stone ax, chop chop objects, hunting animals, is one of the indispensable labor tools. Ancient Chinese characters "jin" is the wood of the ax word, so later from the word next to the Chinese characters more than cut cut, folded meaning. Yue is from the primitive society of labor tools - stone ax evolved from the. In the Neolithic cultural sites, has been found in a very fine grinding of the ax, Yue body flat, wide blade, arc curvature, the two slightly upturned. This elaborate stone pillar is clearly not suitable for cutting trees or for farming. It is presumably the original weapons that were exclusively made by the ancients.

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