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Precautions For Use Of Hammers
Sep 12, 2017

How to use

Tool personnel must be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use, storage and maintenance of tools and maintenance methods. A variety of construction tools must be a formal factory production of qualified products. Tools must be inspected before work, not using corrosion, deformation, loosening, failure, Hammer breakage and other unqualified tools.

Hammer is the main punching tool, consisting of hammers and hammers, hammers are divided into derusting, nipple hammers, machinery, claw hammers, test hammers, Hammer flat-tailed inspection hammers, octagonal hammers, German-type octagonal hammers, and hammer ···.

The weight of the hammer should be compatible with the workpiece, material and function, too heavy and too light will be unsafe. The relationship between the energy of the strike and the speed of the stroke can be analyzed from the lower form.

Hammer type and use.

① Steel round head hammer and transverse head hammer, Hammer the specification is the quality of the hammerhead. Commonly used 0. 25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg, LKG, 1. 25kg and 1.5kg Six.

② soft surface hammer,. Commonly used in the use of plastic, leather, wood and brass materials made of soft surface hammer. The soft surface hammer is generally used for assembling parts of interference fit. When using a soft face hammer to open or press the assembly, the parts will not be damaged.

Precautions for use of hammers.

① before use, must check whether the hammer handle is firmly installed, such as loosening should be reinstalled, Hammer in order to prevent the use of the hammerhead due to the occurrence of injury or damage accidents.

② use, should be hand and hammer handle sweat and grease wipe clean, lest the hammer from the hands of the slip and injury or damage accident.

When the ③ is used, the hand should hold the back end of the hammer handle, and the grip force of the grip should be elastic and moderate when holding the handle, Hammer so as to ensure the flexibility when hammering. When hammering, the movement of the wrist, the eye should look at the workpiece, hammer face and workpiece hammer face should be parallel to make the hammer surface flat to hit the workpiece.

④ before use, should clean the head of the hammer face oil, in order to avoid the hammer hit slip and knock off, damage the workpiece or accident.

⑤ in hammering cast iron, such as brittle workpiece, Hammer section thinner parts, hanging not solid workpiece, not too hard, so as not to damage the workpiece.

⑥ the use of the hammer, should wipe clean.

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