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How To Use The Hammer
Jul 18, 2017

Hammer is the main punching tool, consisting of hammers and hammers, hammers are divided into derusting, nipple hammers, machinery, claw hammers, test hammers, flat-tailed inspection hammers, octagonal hammers, German-type octagonal hammers, hammer ···.

When the quality of the hammer increases by 1 time times, the energy increases by 1 time times and the speed increases by 1 time times, the energy increases 4 times times. Therefore, Hammer in order to be safe, when using a hammer, the hammer must be properly selected and the speed of the strike mastered.

When using hammer, should pay attention to the hammerhead and the hammer handle connection must be firm, slightly loosen should immediately add the wedge fastening or the replacement hammer handle, the hammer handle length must be moderate, the experience provides the suitable length is grasps the hammerhead, Hammer the length of the forearm is equal to the length of the hammer, and the hand swing can be used in the case of a smaller strike force, and the arm swing method should be used when the force of the punch is needed, and the motion arc of the hammer should be paid attention when the arm swing is used.

The following points should be noted when using a hammer:

(1) The Hammerhead and the handle must be connected firmly, the hammerhead and the hammer handle are loose, the hammer handle has the splitting and the crack absolutely cannot use. Hammer The hammerhead and the hammer handle are wedged in the mounting hole, with a metal wedge, and the length of the wedge is not greater than 2/3 of the depth of the mounting hole.

(2) In order to have a certain elasticity in the stroke, the middle of the handle is slightly narrower than the end.

(3) When using a sledgehammer, Hammer must pay attention to the front and back, around, up and down, in the hammer motion range strictly prohibit the station person, does not use the sledgehammer and the small hammer to beat each other.

(4) The Hammerhead is not allowed to quench, there is no crack and burr, and the flying edge should be repaired in time.

The claw hammer can be tapped, hammered, and drawn, Hammer but it should not be used to hammer a larger workpiece. When nails are nailed, the hammerhead should strike nail so that nails perpendicular into the wood, starting to pull nails, it is advisable to pad the claw on the block, enhance the pull force, should not be the claw hammer when the use of pry, should pay attention to the formation of the hammer surface intact, in order to prevent the nail flying out or hammer slipped off the person.

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