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Hammer Ax Structure
Oct 30, 2017

Hammer ax is made of a very thick metal blade on the handle, dedicated to logging, wood or wood

Hammer ax is a class of tools, usually a total handle with the tool body is the interference sleeve with, or screw bolt, they are easy to loose, even if the wedge is often a wedge loose, or handle loose. In addition, the handle of the production is also annoying, too large, then insert into, too small, then loose. Splitting Maul In the use of the process, due to the body of the material itself, the flexibility and expansion of contraction changes, will also affect the state, often loose.

Hammer ax is based on the size of the tool, bearing heavy, flexible use of bolt to achieve the form. Details of the following a complete bolt structure is the staircase mouth hole and the side of the screw hole, staircase pin hole with the corresponding nails, screws, horse nails, bolts, latches, Splitting Maul key pins and key pins. Tool on the body of the hole is similar to the multi-purpose socket, according to the size of the tool body and the operation of the load bearing severity, vibration strength, select the appropriate bolt bolt bolt.

Shank hole was ladder mouth shape, available on the key pin fastening. Wedge adjustment handle and tool body with the body. First of all, the handle at the time of installation, Splitting Maul the relative pressure on the pin can make the handle to obtain a large enough to tighten the pressure. In the course of the use of the head due to material relations, resulting in creep effect, but also at any time squeeze the key pin to tighten or pad and then tight. Thus avoiding the handle is difficult to make and handle the head to narrow the problem is not matching. Staircase mouth and the key pin wedge, coupled with the role of anti-fine teeth, Splitting Maul can prevent the shank before and after the slide. In the case of no side of the bolt, due to the key pin with anti-fine teeth, Splitting Maul but also to prevent the key pin retreat and prevent the handle rod before and after the slide fixed role.

If the use of the need to use the side of the bolt, when the tool body is small, or the operation of the use of bearing force, only nails, or screws or bolts or horse nails or plug bolt, these parts can be randomly selected; Or the use of bearing strength, vibration strength, Splitting Maul you need to use the key pin or on the pin, so that the handle hole and the handle between the neck to produce a necking effect, not only can play the handle and tool body positioning, Anti-off effect, but also pressure clamping head, so that more solid.

The pin for the straight hole can also be used, when used, Splitting Maul to avoid the corresponding head of the staircase. The material for the key pin optional metal, also optional plastic. The latter is better resistant to vibration.

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