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Hammer Ax Is Widely Used
May 10, 2017

Hammer ax is a tool for cutting, made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Axes are usually used to cut down trees, can also be used as woodworking tools, cut some coarse parts.

With the hammer ax can split, cut, chop, wiping, smashing, hug, cut, etc., dancing up it is rough, ho strong, can show the mysterious majestic mountains open ridge.

Splitting Maul Using the principle of leverage and impulse is equal to the amount of momentum to change the principle of operation. Divided into two parts: ax and ax handle. The ax is made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). The ax handle is usually wood (also metal). The shape of the blade is generally curved (sometimes linear) or flat.

Hammer ax classification

1, cast ax (Tomahawk) can be used to throw the target.

2, Tomahawk (Battle ax) long handle, specifically used to fight the ax.

3, short ax (Hatchet)

Hammer ax types are claw hammer, masonry hammer, fitter hammer, ridge hammer, rubber hammer, these hammers have their own purposes.

Hammer ax, also known as ax, is a weapon or logging tool. Is composed of a stick handle followed by a trapezoidal blade. For the ancient weapons of a kind, but also in ancient times one of the production tools, in the fighting, hunting, ax has a strong close combat effectiveness. Is to give a strong sense of brutal combat weapons, according to the different conditions can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there is an equipment equipped with heavy ax, skilled Shih Mah method of operation of the elite army, even the equipment of the sword also lost to them. There are some work shovels, bayonets can be used as an ax. Ax - overview ax, yue (yuè) is usually referred to, both of which are similar to the shape of the long Splitting Maul weapons used to hack. The difference is that the ax is a big ax, wide blade, was half-moon, more used as a gift weapon; ax is a very useful utility. According to the use of different methods, ax and Yue or something different, where there are hooks on the ax or ax gun guns, that is, Yue Yue. According to "six Tao" records, Zhou Wu Wang Jun in a large handle ax, blade width of eight inches, heavy eight pounds, handle more than five feet long, fine-sounding name "days Yue". Ax in ancient times is not only used for combat weapons, but also a symbol of military power and national domination. Ax dancing up, beautiful posture, style rough, uninhibited, you can show the splitting mountains and rivers of the mighty majestic. The main use of the ax are: split, cut, chop, wipe, hit, hug, cut and so on. Ax use principle: ax is the use of leverage and impulse is equal to the momentum of the principle of change to operate. With a thorn, with a hook of the thigh is more thorns, hook two methods, because the ax and yong exercise more cumbersome, coupled with many traditional routines Splitting Maul have been lost on the verge of loss, so now martial arts has been rare. Today, the routines circulating in Hong Kong are Shandong mantis factions of the whirlwind and the ax. Ax is also used as a torture. According to "Historical Records Zhou Ji Ji" records, the King of the King of the King of the King after the king, with Huang Yue cut off the head of King Zhou, hanging on the white flag. Until the Han Dynasty is still ax for the behead of the torture. As the ax is a beheaded criminals, so the history of "ax of the punish" argument. The use of big ax famous, there is the beginning of the Tang Chengjin, Water Margin in the emergency avant-garde Sau, all use long handle ax. Short ax famous, then the black whirlwind Li Kui used by the short handle double ax.

Hammer ax's main features are: rough action, bold, brave; the main techniques are split, chop, hug, cloud, film, cut, cut, hit and so on. Today, the routines circulating in Hong Kong are Shandong mantis factions of the whirlwind and the ax. Ax - shape type Han Liu Xi "explain the name of the release device": "ax, just also, just also." Where the system device, the Splitting Maul beginning of the ax with logging, has been the system also. "Ax and the ax is rare Of the weapons, ax in ancient times is regardless of the long handle giant ax called Yue, also called the big ax, up to 2.66 meters. "Ancient and modern note" contains: "Golden ax Huang Yue also, iron ax Xuan Yue also, three generations pass cut off." In the carpenter, the ax is generally cut down the tree hand tools. Ax classification: cast ax (Tomahawk) can be used to throw the target. Tomahawk (BattleAxe) long handle, specifically used to fight the ax. Long handle of the ax and the ax, the ancient times for the heavy weapons used immediately, "Xiang hand Xuanhua ax", "mountain ax", "Yan Yue ax", "gold dip ax", "mountains" and "ugly Yue "and so on. Short handle of the ax, a single, two ax of the points, for the ancient infantry used. Short handle because of the shape of flat width, also known as "plate ax". Black whirlwind Li Kui is the use of two axes ax. Three axes: the ancient long weapons of a kind, also known as "horse war ax". According to legend for the process of bite gold used. Ax wide five inches, handle seven feet long. Usage has split, cut, chop, hug, cut, lift, cloud, film, push, support and so on. Big ax: ax handle long, ax with two kinds of copper and iron. The ax side of a blade, blade width of eight inches or so, tail thick and narrow, and with a sharp bend down the sharp angle. Handle long Zhang Yu Ax for the battle of the soldiers, but also for the cavalry for the siege or avant-garde use. Fishtail ax: the ax is like a fish. The main use of a split, cut, chop, hug, wipe, thorn, cloud, film, hook, hanging and so on. Xuanhua ax: ax side of the side is particularly large, the ax of the thorns than the general long. Its usage and ax with the same. Short ax: the main type and role of the ax, the specific reference can be made to the ax. There are a variety of double ax, both in the military equipment for further introduction. Shaolin board ax two feet eight inches, ax long one foot two inches, blade width nine inches. Crested ax: ax long eight inches, blade width five inches. Tail thick blade thin. Handle length two feet five inches. Is a shorter ax. Emei ax: long nine inches, blade wide for the five-inch, handle long three feet, rough about surplus, commonly used in melee or tunnel excavation used. Shuang ax: modern ax as one of the martial arts equipment, because the exercise is relatively cumbersome, and some routines have been lost, so the use of ax who has been rare. Practice ax, the requirements of the ups and downs, rough and bold style, dancing up, beautiful gesture, is a good exercise of martial arts equipment. An ax: a short ax. Ax wide five-inch, double-sided blade, neck length eight inches, tail thick blade thin. Handle long three feet, can be used as weapons. Generally for the ax and use, less single use. Powerful to use. Double ax: a pair of short weapons. Ax was fan-shaped, handle length two feet five inches to three feet. With the right and left hand holding an ax. Its use has lun, split, cut, bar, by, clouds, tease, hanging, cutting, sweeping and so on. Cactus two ax: by the ax, curved edge, crested, hand care plate, ax handle, tip upset and other components. Shaolin Xuanhua ax: Shaolin double one of the weapons. Rod two feet seven inches long, six inches long nine points, two sharp seven-inch wide Ax - historical origins and ge spear at the same time, Splitting Maul also one of the ancient battle. The Yellow Emperor when there is the name of the ax, at the time not only for the weapons, and with the penalty for the use of "Criminal script release name" contains: "Yellow Emperor five sentences, four said ax. According to the five sentences that armor, knife saw, drilling, ax, whip flutter, is also". So the push of the ax when the beginning of the Yellow Emperor also, the reason is very clear; "But then there is no so-called thirty-six law, the enemy, but chaos chaos split and had; when Han, Such as the creation of the marksmanship in the martial arts and inflow into the Central Plains, but who was the founder who is not allowed to carry on. The beginning of the law there are no thirty-six hands, after the martial arts, and thus gain, so that change the unexpected, as the weapon of war, so now there Splitting Maul are thirty-six cross-board method also. Ax traceability is very early, primitive human, that is, knowing the stone for the split. The earliest bronze ax, seen in the Shang Dynasty, not only for the military, and some carved embedded Lou, very fine, has been used for the battle. Zhou Dynasty with the ax as the Shang Dynasty, to the double front sword out, and the knife and use, the ax even less people use, only as cut down the tool, or for the music and dance and beheaded device.

Although the hammer ax is not used as a major weapon, but the generations have to make the ax who, in particular, living in the northern region of the nation, hi practice ax class weapons. The history of stone ax can be traced back to hundreds of thousands of years ago. At that time people with grinding rough stone ax, chop chop objects, hunting animals, is one of the indispensable labor tools.

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