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Axe Was One Of The Tools Of Production In Ancient Times
Oct 18, 2017

Axe is the first tool used by mankind. Far away from the old age, man found the archetype of the axe from the stone of Nature's front.

An axe is a weapon or a logging tool. is composed of a stick knob and a trapezoidal blade. As a kind of ancient weapons, but also in the ancient era of production tools, in the fighting, hunting, axe has a strong close range combat effectiveness. is to give people a strong sense of the attack weapons, Axe depending on the situation can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there was a heavy tomahawk, skilled tomahawk operation methods of the elite army, even the armed forces of the sword to defeat them. Some fortifications and bayonets can be used as axes. Axe-outline axes, Yue (yuè) are often linked, the two shapes are similar to the long weapons used to chop. The difference is that Yue is a large axe, with a broad blade, a half-moon, and more as a ceremonial weapon; Axe is a useful tool.

In carpentry, an axe is usually a tool for cutting down trees. Axe Category: The Axe (Tomahawk) can be used to throw the target. Tomahawk (battleaxe) long handle, axe dedicated to battle. Long handle axes and Yue, ancient many for the immediate use of the heavily armed, there are "Xiang hand flower Axe", "Mountain Axe", "Yan Moon Axe", "Gold Dip Axe", "Mountain Yue" and "pressure ugly Yue" and so on. Hatchet with a short handle, with a single, double axe, used by ancient infantry. The short handle is also called "axe" because of the flat width of the shape. The black whirlwind Li Kui uses two axe. Axes: A kind of ancient long weapon, also known as "Horse War Axe". Axe It is used by the legend. The axe is five inches wide and seven feet long. Usage has chop, chop, chop, hug, cut, tease, cloud, slice, push, branch etc. Big axe: The axe has a long handle, and the axe has two kinds of copper and iron. The axe side has a blade, the blade is eight inches wide, the tail is thick and narrow, and with a sharp downward curved angle. Length of the hilt. The big axe is used for the soldiers of the Guard, and also for the cavalry to be used for siege or pioneer pulling. Tail Axe: The axe resembles a fish so its name. Its main use is split, chop, chop, hug, wipe, Thorn, Cloud, film, Hook, hang and so on. Sun: The side of the axe blade is particularly large, and the thorn on the end of the axe is longer than usual. Its usage is the same as the axe. Short Axe: The main type and function of the short axe, can refer to the introduction of the long axe in detail. There are also a variety of double axes, both in the double armed weapon in the introduction. Shaolin Axe two feet eight inches long, axes two inches long, nine inches wide. Feng Tou axe: The axe is eight inches long, Axe blade width five inches. Tail thick blade thin. The handle is two feet five inches long. Is the shorter of the axe. Emei axe: Nine inches long, blade width of five inches, shank length three feet, coarse about surplus, commonly used in the melee or tunnel dug soil used. Double axe: Modern axe as one of the instruments of martial arts, because the drill is more bulky, some routines have been lost, so the use of axe is rare. Practice axe, request huff and downs, rugged and forthright style, dancing up, graceful posture, is a good exercise of the body of martial arts equipment. Axe: One of the short axes. Axe blade width five inch, double-sided open blade, neck length eight inches, tail thick blade thin. The handle is three feet long and can be used as a weapon. It is usually used for double axes and less for single persons. Power can be used. Double axe: A pair of short weapons. The axe is scalloped and the handle is two feet five inches to three feet long. Each hand holds one axe. Its usage has the whirl, splits, cuts, ties, by, the cloud, the sultry, hangs, cuts, sweeps and so on. Phoenix head Double axe: By the month axe, curved blade, Phoenix Head, protect hand plate, axe handle, Axe sharp upsetting and so on part.

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