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Axe In Ancient Times Was One Of The Tools Of Production
Sep 12, 2017

An axe is a tool for cutting. Axe is operated by the principle of lever and the change of momentum. Divided into two parts: axe and axe handle. An axe is made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). The handle of the axe is usually woodiness (also has metal). The shape of the blade is usually curved (sometimes straight) or flat.

The axe is made up of a stick knob followed by a trapezoidal blade. As a kind of ancient weapons, but also in the ancient times of the production tools, in fighting, hunting, Axe axes have a strong close-range combat effectiveness. is to give people a strong sense of the attack weapons, depending on the situation can also be thrown to the enemy. In ancient times, if there was a heavy war axe, skilled war axe operation methods of the elite army, Axe even the army armed with swords to defeat them. Some fortifications and bayonets can be used as axe heads.

Axe-Overview axes, Yue (yuè) are often linked, the two shapes are similar to the long weapon used to chop. The difference is that Yue is a large axe, with a broad blade, a half-moon, and more as a ceremonial weapon; Depending on the method of use, axes and Yue are different, where there is a hook or axe on the back of the axe spear, that is Yue. According to the "Six Towers" records, Zhou Wang in a large handle axe, Axe blade width eight inches, weighing eight kilograms, handle longer than five feet, the name Yue Yue. Axe Yue in ancient times was not only a weapon for warfare, but also a symbol of military power and state domination. The axe moves, Axe posture graceful, the style is rugged, bold and unconstrained, can show split open ridge of Mighty Majesty.

The main uses of axes are: splitting, chopping, chopping, wiping, smashing, hugging, cutting and so on. Axe use principle: The axe is operated using the principle of lever and the change of impulse equal to momentum. With thorns, with Hook Yue is more thorn, hook two method, because the axe and Yue drill up more bulky, and many traditional routines have been lost on the brink of extinction, so now the martial arts has been very rare. Axe The current pattern in Hong Kong has the Shandong Praying Mantis's whirlwind double axe and the mountain axe. Axe Yue is also used as a torture instrument. The black whirlwind Li Kui uses two board axes. Sanbanxi axe: A kind of ancient long weapon, also known as "Horse War Axe". It is used by the legend. The axe is five inches wide and seven feet long. Usage has chop, chop, chop, hug, cut, tease, cloud, slice, push, branch etc. Big axe: The axe has a long handle and the axe has two kinds of brass and iron. The axe has a blade on one side, the blade is eight inches wide, Axe the tail is thick and narrow, and has a pointed angle with a protruding downward bend. Length of the hilt. The big axe is used for guard soldiers, also used for cavalry siege or pioneer pull. Tail Axe: The head of an axe resembles a fish. Its main use is split, chop, chop, hug, wipe, Thorn, Cloud, film, Hook, hang and so on. Xuan Hua axe: Axe head blade side is particularly big, axe end Thorn is longer than normal. Its usage is the same as the axe. Short Axe: The main kind and function of short axe, Axe can refer to the introduction of the long axe in detail. There are also a variety of double axes, both in the double armed weapon in the introduction. Shaolin Board axe Two feet eight inches, axe head length two inch, blade width nine inches. Phoenix head axe: Axe head length eight inches, blade width five inches. Tail thick blade thin. The handle is two feet five inches long. Is the shorter of the axe. Emei axe: Nine inches long, blade width of five inches, shank length three feet, coarse about surplus, Axe commonly used in the melee or tunnel dug soil used. Double axe: Modern axe as one of the instruments of martial arts, because the drill is more bulky, some routines have been lost, so the use of axe is rare. Practice the axe, the request to huff and downs, rough and forthright style, dancing up, graceful posture, is a good exercise of the body of martial arts equipment. Board Axe: a short axe. Axe head width five inch, double-sided open blade, neck length eight inches, tail thick blade thin. The handle is three feet long and can be used as a weapon. Usually used for double axes and less alone. Power can be used. Double-board Axe: A pair of short weapons. The axe head is fan-shaped, with a handle of two feet and five inches to three feet long. When the left hand each hold an axe. Its usage has the whirl, splits, cuts, ties, by, the cloud, the sultry, hangs, cuts, sweeps and so on. Phoenix head Double axe: By the month axe, curved blade, Phoenix Head, protect hand plate, axe handle, Axe sharp upsetting and so on part. Shaolin Xuan Flower axe: One of Shaolin dual weapons. Pole length two feet seven inches, head length six inch nine, two points wide distance seven inch five. Axe-historical origins and spear Spears are also one of the ancient battles. The Yellow Emperor when the name of the axe , Axe not only used as a weapon at that time, suppress and used as a penalty. "The name of the criminal book," contained: "Huangdi five, four times axe ." According to five namely hoplite, knife, drilling chisel, axe 銊, whip flutter, is also "." As a result, the axe began at the time of the Yellow Emperor, and its rationale was very clear; but at that time does not matter 36 law, when the enemy but disorderly chopping and chopping and have been, and so Han, the south in the Barbarians to create AX law, also such as marksmanship Mighter eat shi and into the central Plains, but the founder of the Why people, it can not be textual. At the beginning of its law, there are no more than 36 hands, after the martial, so that the gain, so that the change contingency, become war sharp weapon, so the board axe has 36 law also. The origin of the axe is very early, the original human, that is known as the stone to pick up the wedge. And the earliest bronze axe, see Shang Dynasty, not only used in the martial matter, and some carved inlay, extremely exquisite, has been used for guard. Zhou Alternate axe is not as good as Shang Dynasty, to the dual-frontal sword, and knife and then, the axe is used less people, only as a winding tool, or for music and dance guard and kill the device. Although the axe is not used as the main weapon, but each generation has made the axe, especially in the northern region of the nation, Xi practice ax-like weapons. The history of the stone axe can be traced back to some 100,000 years ago. At that time, people used grinding rough stone axe, chopping cease utensils, hunting animals, is one of the indispensable labor tools. The ancient Chinese characters "Jin" is the ax word chopping wood, so later from the words of the Chinese characters are more than cut off, the meaning of folding. Yue is a primitive society of labor tools-stone axe evolved. In the Neolithic cultural relics, once found a very fine grinding Shi, Yue body flat, the blade is broad, the arc curvature is big, the two corners are slightly upturned. This carefully crafted Shi is clearly unsuitable for cutting down trees or for farming. Axe Presumably the original weapon that was originally made by the Ancients. Shang Dynasty: There was an axe cast with bronze. At this time the bronze Yue still retains the characteristics of the stone axe: The Edge of the arc is wide, the two corners slightly upturned, but Yue body thinner, bronze Yue handle way for the . The axe body is decorated with thunder pattern, and the pattern is very exquisite and beautiful. Axe There are many types of axe Yue in Shang and Zhou dynasties, and the materials are excellent. For example, the bronze axe contains about 20% of the amount of tin contained in the Kao journal. Zhou Dynasty: There is a short axe, mostly tubular , with holes in it to install an axe handle. Axe head contains natural copper, lead, iron, tin, gold and other metals, texture tough, excellent workmanship.

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