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Ax Has Many Uses
May 15, 2017

Ax almost every household has, the ax is the most important ax, this we should know that the manufacturers of this ax with a unique effective anti-U-design to ensure the use of security, the ax of the relevant knowledge you know how much The

Ax ax and the general ax of the biggest difference is that the ax on both sides of the prominent place to form two reinforcement bars, play a role in strengthening and aggravating the product has a general ax can not have some solid, ax in Axe the use of broken Time can make the ax can easily break and cut off. Using special drug heat treatment formula for quenching, the use of high-quality manganese steel as raw materials, the hardness of up to HRC51, tried not to open the edge of the case cut 8, wire force down, about two, ax blade unscathed, Of the steel shovels (steel spades are generally modified Axe with rail steel, not heat treatment than the national standard angle steel channel hardness) with a little force, an ax down to the shovel to cut a gap, ax without damage.

 Ax in the market demand is also increasing, mainly because the experts according to the actual feedback used to transform a new type of high-quality ax, the product more to meet people's needs, ax has many uses, such as outdoor dedicated ax , Business and the family with the ax, etc., for the outdoor ax-related knowledge you know how much?

   1) out of climbing, generally with a knife, the general use can be dealt with. Also need to find a tool to the camp for the "cut" function, a cold when you need to cut the point of fire, two, the summer river may need to cut off the bridge. The Axe ax is most suitable for cutting.

   2) in the basic need not use.

The knife is enough to deal with. Do not need to open the road. So, you can choose ax, if you need to open, then take the ax can be really exhausted.

   3) the ax is safe, not confiscated. Because the general is the first ride to the foot of the mountain, in the station generally check the tool. Like the dog legs, Linde and the like, are generally found, certainly confiscated.

   Learn more about the relevant products of some knowledge, welcome to visit the factory, supervision.

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