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An Axe Is A Tool For Cutting
Jul 18, 2017

The origin of the axe is very early, the original human, that is known as the stone to pick up a wedge. The earliest bronze axe, seen in Shang Dynasty, was not only used in martial arts, but also carved in carvings, extremely exquisite and guard. Zhou's axe is not as good as Shang Dynasty, to the dual-frontal sword, and with the knife, the axe is used less, only as a winding tool, or for music and dance guard and kill the device. Axe Although the axe does not use as the main weapon, but each generation has the axe person, especially lives in the northern region's nationality, likes to practise the axe class weapon.

The main use of the axe

Splitting, chopping, chopping, wiping, smashing, hugging, cutting, and so on, Axe dancing appear rugged, heroic, can show split open Ridge Majestic Majestic.

Tomahawk (battleaxe) long handle, axe dedicated to battle. Long handle axes and Yue, ancient many for the immediate use of the heavily armed, there are "Xiang hand flower Axe", "Mountain Axe", "Yan Moon Axe", "Gold Dip Axe", "Mountain Yue" and "pressure ugly Yue" and so on. Hatchet with a short handle, with a single, double axe, used by ancient infantry. The short handle is also called "axe" because of the flat width of the shape. The black whirlwind Li Kui uses two axe.

Axes: A kind of ancient long weapon, also known as "Horse War Axe". It is used by the legend. The axe is five inches wide and seven feet long. Usage has chop, chop, chop, hug, cut, tease, cloud, slice, push, branch etc.

Big axe: The axe has a long handle, and the axe has two kinds of copper and iron. The axe side has a blade, the edge is eight inches wide, the tail is thick and narrow, Axe and with the sharp downward curved angle

An axe is a tool for cutting, made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Axes are usually used to cut down trees, as well as woodworking tools, to cut down some bulky parts.

With axes can be split, chop, chop, wipe, smashed, hug, cut and so on, dancing up to appear rugged, heroic, can show split open Ridge Majestic Majestic.

The axe is mainly used for fire fighters on ships, and the fire axe is usually equipped with fire fighters. When the axe is used to cut off obstacles, Axe it is generally required to easily chop open wooden doors, thin iron doors and so on, with long axes, made of hardwood or steel pipe, broad and flat axes, and sharp, and can be used to destroy brick walls. The axe uses the high quality tool steel and the heat treatment, the texture is stronger than other axes to be hard and the toughness is good, many places in the public place prominent position, with other fire protection facilities put together. It is a tradition of sailing, and there are peace anchors and peace baskets that cannot be moved.

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