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An Ax Applies To A Fireman On A Ship
Jul 05, 2017

An ax is a tool for cutting, made of metal (usually hard metal, such as steel). Axes are usually used to cut down trees, can also be used as woodworking tools, cut some thick parts.

With the ax can be split, cut, chop, wiping, smashing, hug, cut, etc., dancing up it is rough, ho strong, can show the clever mountains open ridge majestic majestic.

Ax is mainly applied to the fireman on the ship, Axe the fire ax is generally equipped with firefighters in the equipment. Escape when used to cut off the obstacles of the ax, the general requirements can easily cut the doors, thin iron doors, etc., ax handle is very long, made of hardwood or steel, ax wide and flat, the other end of the tip, can be used Damage the brick wall. The ax is made of high quality tool steel and heat treated. Axe The texture is harder and tough than the other axes. It is placed in a conspicuous place in public places and is placed with other fire fighting facilities. This is the tradition of sailing, there are peace anchor and the baskets, is not easy to move.

The original ax is hand ax. The beginning of the hand ax is pebble, and then a little slender stone (about 500,000 BC), and then later is the late Paleolithic period (about 250,000 BC) more refined flint ax, the production method is Beat the flint with stones to create sharp edges. The progress of mankind in this area can be explored through the discovery of niche couples in the Orduwe Gorge in Tanzania - where they found the stone tools of 175 million years ago.

In the Near East we found the bronze cast ax of 3000 BC. In order to make the ax faster, cast and then repeated forging. A major improvement in casting is the introduction of a secondary core, Axe so that the cast ax has the handle of the ax handle, so as not to use the belt as usual to the ax tied to the ax handle.

Although the axes were found everywhere in the Near East, it seemed that people did not like to take them as weapons: the Sumerians, the Persians and the Assyrians used spears and bow as weapons, while the Greeks and Romans chose the sword And the spear but the ax, this arrogant weapon is often used for religious rituals; it is a religious symbol of the Minoans. It is said that the word maze is evolved from the ax. Axe People also found a thin metal plate made of double ax. Tutalan, in the eastern part of Transylvania, has found a golden ax with a jack (about 1800 to 1450 BC). Although Misenakens had an ax, the Minoans had used ax as a weapon, but gold was not suitable for making weapons, not to mention the pattern above, so this ax was not used to fight the ax. In the island of Maryland in Crete has been found in a leopard head scepter and a piece of shade stone ax.

Homer's hero, in addition to the "Odyssey" in the Odyssey in the hunting of the ax, the other did not use the ax. Homer described: "Odysseus performed hunting martial arts, Axe a shot through almost flat on the ground row of a straight line of the ax on the ax handle on the hole. Indeed there was a called Perth's small Asia Of the Trojans used the refined, long and smooth olive wood of the bronze ax, but Meni Naosi quickly subdued him. The ax as a weapon, is it not valuable? Like the use of ax this weapon Some of the tribes in the north, including the Baxitians, Franks, Scandinavians and Britons, have recently proposed that in the 11th century, "only the Saxons and Scandinavian Ya think that ax is suitable for any frugal countryman ", although the ax becomes noble later.

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