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the general intruduction of the hand tools
Mar 28, 2017

Hardware tools include all kinds of manual, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, auto tools, agricultural tools, hoisting tools, measuring tools, machine tools, cutting tools, fixtures, tools, molds, cutting tools, grinding wheel, drill, polishing machine, tool accessories, measuring and cutting tools, abrasives.

The hand tools include wrench, pliers, screwdriver, tape, hammer,axe, log splitting maul, sleeve, cutting, scissors and so on.

All the hand tools need to be hardened. Quenching is one of the basic means to strengthen steel. It is a traditional method to obtain the high comprehensive mechanical properties of steel by quenching the martensite.

Tempering is one of the necessary processes of heat treatment. Tempered martensite is obtained after tempering, the structure is more stable, and after tempering, the internal stress of the product is reduced, and the brittleness of the product is reduced.

For hammers and axe, the pulling apart and the bending are the most important requirements. In different countries, the requirement is not the same. ASME and ANSI is for USA standard, BS 876 and BS 2945 standard is for UK, DIN standard is for Germany, LNE(ISO 15601) is for French.....

Wuxi Morita is focus on hammer and axe in professional market. 

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