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hand tools and the standard
Mar 31, 2017

work tools:

ISO15601 hammer,

EN12413 bonded abrasives,

EN13236 diamond film,

EN847 milling tool,

BS8416 hole saw,

ASME B107.41M American Standard hammer,

DIN1193 German standard hammer,

DIN7287 axe,

BS2945 British standard axe,

BS2559 standard screwdriver,

ISO2380 flat head screwdriver,

ISO8764 cross screwdriver,

ASME B107.15 American Standard screwdriver,

ASME B107.30 American Standard cross screwdriver,

BS192 British standard wrench,

BS3555 plum wrench,

ISO7586 wrench,

ISO6787 adjustable wrench,

BS 3594 pipe wrench,

BS4006 socket wrench,

ISO1711 sleeve,

ASME B107 American Standard wrench,

BS2470 six angle screw key,

ISO2936 six angle screw key,

ASME B18.3 six key,

AS3526 high fastening screw key,

BS3159 saw,

BS6271 small hacksaw,

BS7398 hacksaw,

BS1919-1 saw blade,

ASME B94.52M American Standard saw blade,

BS3087 British standard pliers,

ASME B107 American Standard pliers,

BS498 file,

BS1943 wood chisel,

BS3066 tool chisel,

ISO2726 woodworking machine tool,

ASME B107 punching tool,

EN12413 wheel,

BS3388 shovel,

DIN 8471 garden tools,

JIS A 8902 spade,

BS5078 branch shears,

DIN32610 trim tool...

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